One Pot Easy Egg Biriyani

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One pot Egg Biriyani  is easy ,delicious biriyani which can be prepared with very few ingredients.This is best to prepare when you are running short of time and is in need of a special meal.


  1. Basmati Rice-3 glasses
  2. Eggs-4(boiled)
  3. Spice powders for marinating egg
    • Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
    • Garam masala-1/2tsp
    • chilly powder-1/2tsp
  4. Spice powders for biriyani:
    1. Turmeric powder-1/2tbsp
    2. coriander powder-1/4tbsp
    3. chilly powder-1/2tbsp
    4. Garam masala-1/4 tbsp
    5. roasted fennel powder-1/4 tbsp
  5. Whole spices:
    • cardamom-3
    • cloves-6
    • fennel seeds-1/4tsp
    • cinnamon-2 pieces
  6. Ginger garlic paste:2 tbsp
  7. Green chilly-6or 7(as per tolerance level)
  8. Tomato-2(small)
  9. Yogurt-1/4 cup
  10. Onion-3(thinly sliced)(1/4 of this is used for garnishing)
  11. Ghee-2tbsp or as required
  12. Coriander leaves-a handful
  13. Fresh bay leaf(for flavor and fragrance)-1
  14. Cashews or Raisins- a handful


Since this is a one pot biriyani recipe we will be preparing everything in one go.

You can also use potatoes or capsicums for extra taste..if you are using capsicums make sure they don’t get mushy.

Use a large Cooking ware enough to contain the biriyani.The rice must be measured accurately (measurement glass must be same for rice and water) and soaked in enough water for minimum half an hour.

The rice to water ratio is 1:2.Since we have soaked the rice ;1/2 glass of water can be reduced.For 3 glass of rice we will use 5 and 1/2 glass of water.

Now follow the steps

  1. Boil the eggs ..remove the shells and slit midway along the sides of the egg..Ensure the eggs don’t break.
  2. Marinate the eggs using the ingredients mentioned under “3” ,salt and set aside.
  3. Heat the cooking ware and once it gets hot ; add in ghee..
  4. Roasting the items for garnish:
    1. Add 1/4 of the onions(thinly sliced) and roast them till they are golden brown..Remove the roasted onions.
    2. Similarly roast the cashews and raisins and keep aside.
  5. Now add the marinated eggs to the same pan and shallow fry them.once they turn a bit reddish brown remove them from pan.
  6. To the same pan add lit bit more ghee…add the whole spices..roast them ..
  7. Add the remaining sliced onions,ginger garlic paste,green chillies(slit) and saute well.Once they turn soft ; add the spice powders and roast until the raw smell fades off.Add in the tomatoes(cut in small cubes)and saute well…once the tomatoes get mushy …add the yogurt and let it cook for a while.Ensure the flame  is low.
  8. Now drain the rice and add to the pan. Stir and roast the rice on high flame..ensure it doesn’t get burned.
  9. Boil 5 and 1/2 glass of water in another vessel .Add salt  and bring it to boiling point.Add the boiling water to the rice.Mix well ,cover with a lid and cook on medium flame .
  10. After 5 minutes open the lid  and place the fried eggs on top of rice and cook till the water is completely evaporated.
  11. Turn off flame .Garnish with fried onions.cashews,raisins and coriander leaves…
Biriyani is ready to be served.You can serve it with salad ,pickles and papad.


Thanks And Regards

Anitha Varghese




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