How to Make Home Made Ada


  1. Unakkalari /Raw rice(Red Rice or Matta Rice) – 1cup
  2. Ghee – 2 tsp
  3. Sugar – 2 tsp
  4. Water – to prepare batter
  5. Banana leaves,cut into rectangles – as required


  • Making the batter for the Ada
    • Soak rice for an hour, and then strain well and dry in a piece of cloth for two hours. After that, grind it to fine powder and sieve through a fine sieve.   unakkalari-ada1
    • Now add 2 teaspoons of melted ghee, 2 tsp of sugar and medium hot water to get the consistency of chapathi batter… or cookie batter.
    • You can also make batter in dosa batter consistency but then only drizzle them on the plantain leaves
  • Making the Ada
      • Take plantain leaves and cut them into 6″ squares roughly. Hold them on the fire for a few seconds to make them flexible.
      • Boil plenty of water in a big broad vessel. Take lime-sized portions of the batter and spread on the back side of the plantain leaves. Tie the rolled plantain leaves with string usually we use “vazhanaru” .Immediately drop in the boiling water.dsc02849
      • Do this till all of the batter is used up. When the ada are well cooked, they float.
      • Alternately, you can steam them 3 or 4 at a time in a steamer. Remove, strain and scrape out the adas and wash in plenty of water; changing the water three or four times to remove the stickiness. imagesChop fine.1



  • You can also use pachari (white rice) if unakkalari (Red Rice or Matta Rice) is not available.
  • For Ada Pradhaman ,cut the ada into slightly larger pieces.

Thanks And Regards

Anitha Varghese


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