Idiyappam| Noolappam |String Hoppers

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Idiyappam are Indian style steamed rice noodles generally served with coconut milk based stew ,kurma or any non veg dishes . These soft noodles tastes awesome and is one of the comfort and healthy food generally prepared as breakfast. It is popular in South India -mainly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and is known by  different names. You can prepare this idiyappam with home made roasted rice flour or with store bought roasted rice flour.


  1. Roasted Rice Flour|Idiyappam flour(store bought)- 2 cups
  2. Salt- to taste
  3. Oil- 1 teaspoon, for greasing
  4. Coconut, grated- as required(for plain Idiyappam avoid coconut)

To prepare Home Made Roasted Rice Flour for Idiyappam

  • Soak raw rice in water for 2 hours, drain the water completely.
  • Spread rice on a cloth for 20 minutes.You can provide the wet rice to be ground in a mill .If that is not possible, grind it to a fine powder in a mixie.Sieve the powdered flour 2-3 times in a small wired mesh…
  • Roast the rice flour until you get a sandy texture. (You can see steam arising from the flour)
  • Avoid over roasting the flour .(color must not change). Once it cools, sieve it and store it in an air tight container and use when ever required. Our Homemade Idiyappam flour is ready.


  1. Bring 2 cups of water to boil.
  2. While it gets heated up;  in a deep bowl add the rice flour with enough salt and mix with spoon.
  3. Add the boiling water to the rice flour little by little and mix with a ladle while it is hot.
  4. Once the mixture reaches bearable hot ,knead with hand without lumps into a dough.2
  5. Keep the chillu (the metal sieve )inside the idiyappam press|maker.idiyappam maker
  6. Once the dough cools down take some dough and fill the idiyappam maker and close with the lid.
  7. Grease your fingers with oil and apply on idly plates; Now press or rotate the idiyappam maker to release the idiyappam. While pressing rotate the idiyappam maker in a circular motion to overlap the strings. Using finger cut the strings and repeat for the other plates.
  8. Now take a big pinch of coconut and keep on top of all the pressed idiyappam.(For Plain Idiyappam avoid this step)
  9. Steam the idly plates on idly maker for around 10 minutes.
  10. Once done remove the idly plates ;allow to cool and serve with Vegetable Stew, Chicken Stew..etc.


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