Liver Roast(Kerala Style)



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    1. Chicken Liver /Mutton Liver /Beef Liver : 1kg (I have used lamb liver)
    2. Shallots / Small red onion : 1 cup (finely sliced) or Onion : 4 medium (finely sliced)
    3. Garlic : 2tbsp (crushed)
    4. Ginger : 2tbsp (crushed)
    5. Green Chillies : 4 (slitted) or to your tolerance level
    6. Turmeric Powder :1 tsp
    7. Red Chill Powder : 2tbsp (or to your spice level)
    8. Black Pepper Powder : 2 tsp (Freshly ground, add or reduce according to your taste & spice level)
    9. Garam Masala Powder : 2tsp
    10. Cumin Seeds: 1/2 tsp(freshly ground)
    11. Curry Leaves : handful
    12. Coconut oil : 2tbsp
    13. Salt to taste




    1. Cut liver into small cube size pieces; In a bowl add liver ,1/2 tsp turmeric powder or 1 tbsp of vinegar and soak for 30 minutes; clean and wash them 2-3 times well with water and drain it in a strainer .This will drain out all blood from the liver pieces. Keep it aside.
    2. Heat oil in a pan, add curry leaves and crushed garlic, ginger and saute for couple of minutes till raw smell fades.Add the sliced red onion/shallots and green chilies, saute until it turns golden brown in color.
    3. Dry Roast the spice powders and powder them.Add in the dry spice powders and fry till oil separates.
    4. Add the cleaned liver pieces; mix and toss it until all liver pieces get well coated.
    5. Pour in required amount  of water, salt ..cover and cook on medium heat till the liver pieces are cooked.
    6. Once cooked continue on low flame till all the water evaporates
    7. Add coconut oil and fresh curry leaves and dry roast on medium heat until it turns brown.
    8. Delicious liver fry is ready. Serve with steamed rice  and Enjoy!

Notes :

  • Livers have a strong, distinctive flavor .Soaking in vinegar, turmeric powder   helps in removing any left over toxins and blood from the liver.
  • Water must be just right while cooking liver. Once it is overcooked the liver pieces will turn rubbery in texture.
  • Use pepper powder, chili powder according to your taste.Using freshly ground pepper gives more flavor to the dish .I always prefer to use shallots in comparison to onions.they will result in more tasty dishes.

Thanks And Regards
Anitha Varghese


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