Home Made Lololikka(Loovika) Wine


Lololikka(Loovika) grows abundant back at my home in kerala. I have often seen my father preparing wine from it.It was a long process..starting from collecting ripe lololikka from the tree.I am not sure about its English name …did  a bit searching and found out its looks similar to scram berry…but i am not very sure about it..this Berry is also seen common like nelikka(gooseberry) in kerala..Preparing wine during christmas is quite common among Kerala Christian families.Now coming to the recipe..



  • Lolikka- 1 kg
  • Sugar- 1kg
  • Water- 1 litre


  • Mix sugar and water to a rolling boil(meaning:When water is at a rolling boil, it has bubbles all over (not just on the sides) and it is boiling vigorously) in a pan . Switch off stove.
  • Cool down the syrup to room temperature. Strain to remove any impurities. Keep aside.
  • Wash the lolikka well in running water.
  • Spread on a kitchen towel and wipe them one by one completely dry with a clean and dry piece of cloth.
  • Layer the them in a dry, clean sundried bharani (traditionally in Kerala this vessel is used for storing pickles,brewing wines ,squash etc) or the traditional earthen pot.
Traditional Bharani

Traditional Bharani

  • Pour the cooled sugar syrup over the berries in the bharani. Close the bharani with its loose lid with a cloth tied around the mouth.
  • Fermentation
    • Stir the mixture everyday with a wooden ladle. If you happen to see a fungal layer on top,  skim and discard carefully from the surface.
    • The wine needs to ferment for 21-22 days.
      Strain the mixture using a clean and dry muslin cloth.
    • Retain the berries after liquid part has passed through.
    • Transfer a few at a time to a broad and deep metal sieve and extract the pulp gently from them.  Discard the remains.

Caramelizing (to provide the wine color)

Sugar- 1 cup

Hot water -3/4 cup

  • Place a clean dry pan on medium fire.
  • Add sugar to it and stir continuously till it melts and acquires a golden brown color. Switch off flame and  add hot water to this syrup .
  • Be careful not to get burnt since the hot syrup will bubble up and burst over. The colour will change to deep red now.
  • Return to low heat and melt them completely by a gentle simmer. The syrup should not boil much or thicken (as a thick syrup doesn’t blend with the wine).
  • Cool and add this whole syrup to the wine and Combine well.The wine now has  a beautiful deep red color. Aging of wine will enhance the taste..



Anitha Varghese


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  1. Thanks for this recipe. We have plenty of loovika in our back yard and I only knew to make Pickles with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. should we add yeast to it?


  3. Thanks for the recipe. We gonna try the yeast method. What u say about adding egg to prevent fungi formation? We do that with grape wine and it works.


  4. Thank you Anitha chechi 🙂


  5. Chechi, when are we supposed to do this —> Caramelizing (to provide the wine color)

    Is it after the initial preparation. My mummy is making this wine.


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