Caramel Custard

caramel custard is a custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel top,this is one of the easiest desserts that can be prepared.Many of you might be knowing how to prepare.I love preparing this and so thought of sharing with you all..

we can prepare caramel custard by steaming (pressure cooker method)as well as using i am using the steamed version of it..



  • Sugar-3/4 cup
  • Milk-2 1/2 cups
  • Eggs-4
  • Vanilla essence-1 teaspoon


  1. Take quarter cup of sugar in a thick-bottomed pan. Add a few drops of water and heat till the sugar caramelizes. Pour the caramel into a mould and let it settle by cooling.
  2. Heat milk . Place a metallic ring in the pressure cooker. Add four cups of water and heat. Break eggs into a bowl.
  3. Add half cup of sugar, vanilla essence and mix gently with a whisk. Add warm milk and mix. Strain the mixture. Pour the egg-milk mixture into the mould with the caramel.
  4. Cover with aluminium foil and place it in the cooker. Cover with lid and steam for twenty-five to thirty minutes. Do not use the whistle. Remove when done.
  5. Serve, turned out with caramel side up, either hot or cold.

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