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Dear All,

I am Anitha … from Kerala, one of the most beautiful places in India.. I have done my Masters In Computer Applications and was working full time in Information technology sector .Tight job schedules and family responsibilities gave little time for my passions..

Relocating to middle east and presently  living happily as a full time home maker I get ample time to work on my passions…Cooking is one among them…
This Blog is a humble attempt to provide easy  ways to learn cooking..Enjoy cooking and serve your dear ones ..

Kerala is every food-lover’s paradise and its cuisine offers a wide range of dishes. Keralites just don’t cook food…for them cooking is celebration of their rich culture. The cuisine itself is the greatest attraction for tourists…its very exotic and relishing.

Cooking has always been a  passion for me ..and the passion grew after marriage. It is so gratifying to serve our family and friends with tasty ,healthy meals..I love being  in kitchen cooking dishes for my family ,relatives and friends..than putting them in writing and publishing.

Even though I love to experiment on recipes around the globe .. here  I would be sharing dishes basically focusing on traditional Kerala cuisine..and all other Indian food.Hope to introduce in various foods from around the globe.

Kerala is a land where almost all spices originated and so I have a much greater liking for spicy foods…

For all those people who have a passion to cook,…..who loves to have great food ……….welcome to my space…check out the recipes…..all the recipes(in Recipes section) are well tested and reviewed in my kitchen before posting .

I try out various recipes collected and passed over from my family, friends .I also go through various cook books,magazines and cooking sites ..(Due credits given for recipes ). ..the ones that turn great I  will be sharing out for you all..

How to Guide  for the beginners can be found as well.

Heath is wealth and food is the best medicine.So its very important to have healthy food habits.I would be also sharing in healthy food and their benefits.

No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.“-  Laurie Colwin

hope to provide an easy approach to cooking and a great way to love doing it….

Welcome All …..

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Serve N’ Savour focuses on sharing recipes tested in site owner’s kitchen.Serve N’ Savour will not be responsible for any outcome  of recipe tried out from this blog. There will be always variations in the measurements ,freshness of ingredients,the cooking abilities of the person trying out the recipes.So results will vary from person to person.A lot of effort is taken to cook and review the recipe before presenting it you.Serve N ‘ Savour will not be responsible for any issue (health wise-some people might be  allergic to any particular food substance.Use your judgement in selecting food which suits your better health),damages caused by objects used in cooking.Site Design is completely done by the site owner and copying the site design is not appreciated

Note:Please avoid copying and re posting the content or pictures from this site.Lot of effort goes in behind each post.All Pictures with water mark are sole property of the  site owner.


Anitha Varghese

  1. Pleasure to follow you Anitha…Thanks for following my blog too. I look forward to your yummy food in my feed. But no sweets please as I am diabetic. 🙂 Have a nice day !

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  2. Hi… I have nominated you for an award… please visit my recent post..

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